Twin Flame Breakthrough

For all Waiting Twins

We have an exciting breakthrough to share! If you are aware of the gorgeous immensity of your Twin Flame bond while your Beloved sleeps, and it is tormenting you, take heart. All you have to do is focus on yourself and the awesome goal of your own personal Ascension.

What do we mean by Ascension? Purging all of your 3d limitations until you love and accept everyone unconditionally. Once you Ascend, you will live at the 5d level where your union already resides.* You will be united with your Beloved.

Your single concern right now is to embody unconditional love. How exactly? Love everyone as your Beloved, most especially yourself.

Your heart will guide you through this process naturally. It is far from easy – it may be the hardest thing you ever do, but the union you seek already waits at the end of your own rainbow, and it is emphatically and undeniably real.

Only a love this powerful could push you to be an Ascension leader. That is what you are beautiful friend.

Suzanne & Spencer

  • Your union already exists in the expansive, unlimited state of your soul. This is the feeling of etheric merging that you may experience while lying down. This multidimensional state exists far beyond the limiting experience of linear time and the left brain. It is where spiritual oneness already is, where separation was just a temporary experiment, and where you are bathed in all-accepting LOVE. Remember most of all that this is a process of uniting yourself back into oneness.

22 thoughts on “Twin Flame Breakthrough

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  2. Suzanne, I cannot even begin to explain how on time this email was. Thank you and I thank God. He is always on time!! LOL! There is simply no words to describe the devastating, crushing pain of soul shock. I have had a rough day with it today. I was just saying to friends that this love I have for my twin dwells in the spiritual and cannot be understood in any other realm than there. I can’t explain in an earthly/worldly way. As a Christian, worship leader, singer/psalmist, I dwell in the spiritual so it’s not hard for me to understand or to receive but it at times is hard to manage. I thank for the reminder. The Greek word for this kind of Godly love is Agape and in the Hebrew it is Hassid. This is the love God loves us with, unconditional and whole. Thank you again for your words. Healing for my soul. ❤

    Brenda G.


    • Thank you so much Brenda – we’re so glad you’re here with all of us on this advanced path! We send you so much support through your own personal experience. All-accepting Love! ~S&S


  3. You two are beyond beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous energy and wisdom with the world. I have also recently come to the same understanding about the Twin Flame/Ascension journey – such a mindblowing experience! Lots of love to you and hope you make many more videos 🙂


  4. Monika – thank you from our hearts! We will never forget your support when we first published our book and the recognition that we fellow Twin Flames feel for each other. What an incredible assignment. We are overjoyed to share the same understanding. Please keep in touch. Love and more Love ~S&S


    • I feel overjoyed also! And I too will never forget your support and kindness, thank you – you are both such beautiful beings! Love to you S&S xxx


  5. Thank you, what a beautiful way to start my day!!! Seeing you both sharing and radiating your beautiful twin flame love with the world.
    Your have both been a tremendous support for me on my journey, so genuine and real. I’m so grateful for such blessings. Love you both!!!


  6. Thank you two. I’m kind of new at the whole twin flame experience. I”ve met my twin but we are not together yet. Your insight into this relationship has been very helpful to me. Thank you and God Bless You.


    • Welcome and thank you Debbie! Things are moving fast now for all Twin Flames. Remember to hold onto yourself through your personal journey. All-accepting Love to you! ~S&S


  7. You guys rock! Always affirming what is already known on some deeper level. For this i thank you ❤️ always making me feel not alone on this twin flame journey.


  8. What a wonderful surprise seeing you two on youtube. Beautiful and timely message. You have been so inspirational & helpful. Love your book & love you both. You are bright shining stars constellating in time & blazing a trail for others to follow. Pure love on display ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. “Your union already exists in the expansive, unlimited state of your soul. This is the feeling of etheric merging that you may experience while lying down. ” – YES indeed it does. There are no words for this feeling. Beautiful, pure, unconditional, accepting Love. Eloquently worded as always Suzanne. Love to you & your S ❤


  10. I love your posts, they have been so helpful on this journey. Do you two have any advice on how to deal/heal with losing your twin flame in this life? Mine passed away 4 years ago and I feel like part of my soul died with him 😦 The longing and sadness never goes away. I knew nothing about twin flames until after he passed away.


    • Thank you for writing. Our hearts go out to you so much. And yes, you can have a relationship with your Twin who has passed over. You can communicate telepathically and have an actual Twin Flame relationship with all of its bliss and challenges. Remember, you are only divided by a thin veil, and that veil is thinning as we Ascend. We believe the site is written by a Twin in such a situation and hope this can help you. Sending Light and more Light to you ✨💛 S&S


      • Thank you so much!! I do follow twinflames1111 and it has been a tremendous help. I love everything you two have posted, it resonates so deeply its crazy…and has helped so much. Forever grateful. Love & Light to S&S! XOXO


  11. You appear like 2 angels. Did you wear white on purpose? 🙂 but that is what you are and I can see the divine love in all your communication. As twins who are united I think you can offer a great deal more than simply hypotheticals. Your email came just at the right time and I don’t even know how you have my email address. But it’s ok. For the first time ever I invested in a twin flame product (your book) and after reading it quickly and mulling over the words for a few weeks I can now say I know what to do in my situation. Nobody had explained it so well. For months now we’ve been stuck in an awful partial separation because after 2.5 years of the most amazing divine connection including being completely united in 5D in every way possible, Experiencing so many incredible synchronicities and beautiful communication in the physical, he feels unable to connect fully in the physical because of his circumstances. He wants to continue in 5D. However I know this is the hiding you speak of. I feel much of the book is for my twin as I have no life circumstances that prevent us coming together. I’m open, willing and able. I don’t have any neediness or dependency issues. I know this love is massive and that my twin and I are to be together in this lifetime. I was happily solo for 13 years before meeting my twin 3 years ago, with no desire for karmic relationships. I felt great love for the world and people and I loved myself. Still there was more to know. The parts of your book that helped me were the sections on being open in communication, not hiding, authenticity, not facilitating the other to live in two worlds, unconditional love, non judgement and honouring self. I’m not there yet but your words ring so true. Great wisdom. Thank you and congratulations on finding each other and uniting. God bless.


    • Oh thank you!!! ✨Yes, you are so wise to identify the hiding! It circumnavigates the healing that calls, which means healing won’t happen! By healing, we mean removing conditional love. That is what this entire TF process is about.

      The goal is to return to unconditional love, and your Twin pushes you to do this. They push you to do what you never would without this motivation! It is all about getting back yourself by loving yourself unconditionally.

      You are very brave and inspiring! Keep going. You know what you know – don’t ever doubt it. We both send you so much Love and Light ✨S&S


      • Thank you for your kind words. Some of it is very difficult to understand. Our love for each other has always been unconditional. We have agreed it’s eternal and written in stone. It’s just that he thinks it’s ok to continue the connection, communication etc. while he’s begun a new relationship with someone as this is seen as a soul thing that can’t fully come into the physical. It’s a little complex. A double life is the preferred option for him. I can’t convince him otherwise. Do you ever offer any personalised help eg. via email because there are things I can’t say here.


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