Here we share two exercises that helped us to heal on our intense Twin Flame journey:

A Self-Love Exercise originally inspired by Maureen St. Germain, adapted to help Twin Flames:

Record loving voicemails on your phone from yourself, to yourself. State “I Love You,” and your dearest nick name, and any other loving statements that you come up with in a beautiful message to yourself. Now listen to this recording every day. Make new recordings to listen to as you grow in self-love.

This exercise may feel very foolish at first, but does wonders as it comes from your very self. With every step, you will open your heart further and become more whole in yourself with LOVE. As you open your heart, know that pain will emerge to be healed. Ways that you may have put yourself down in the past will come out to be loved. Embrace the intensely beautiful process. Cry freely as needed. Hug yourself with your own arms. This is the exercise that changed everything for us.


An exercise originally inspired by Andrea Hess, adapted to help empower Twin Flames:


You have the ability to establish a direct line to your soul, through which guidance can flow in and help you. This guidance is the most valuable information available to you in your life and should come first before all other guidance.

The first three steps involve simply asking to open your connection to your soul.

Find a quiet place to meditate, sitting in a chair with your back aligned and your feet on the ground.
Take three or more deep breaths and settle into a relaxed state.
When you feel at peace, ask to open a direct channel to your soul so that you can hear the guidance of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your ultimate human potential for this lifetime that you can draw wisdom and guidance from.
Feel this deep request to open your channel with all of your being. When you feel that you’ve asked with conviction and have been heard, end with a simple word or gesture that suits you, such as Namaste.

Repeat this exercise the next day, and once again the day after that.

Now that you have asked to open your soul connection, you’re going to play with feeling your intuition until you can really sense it and trust your own abilities. To begin, sit in a meditative state and breathe until you feel peace. Now ask your soul a question. Then listen until you start to sense information flowing through you, coming to you from your heart, not your head. This information will always feel loving and supportive. If it does not, then it is from your ego and lower self, from your mind. That’s ok. Just love those thoughts away and refocus. Trust what you feel arising from your heart and practice until you start to gain confidence in your connection.

Once you start to feel a bit of confidence in your connection, you can try some automatic writing. Sit with paper and pen at the ready and ask your soul a question. You can simply start writing whatever comes to you, without thinking. You will most likely write very fast, and at the end of your channeling, you will have some very supportive and invaluable information to help you in your life.

Once you have awakened this connection, you can channel it anywhere, any time, even while walking and especially in nature. Practice solidifies it.

Welcome to the best guidance you will ever receive! You are now your own lifeline. This alone offers incredible spiritual resolution on your human journey.