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Love Is Free; Free Yourself from Conditional Love

Suzanne has written an exciting eBook to explain what unconditional love really means. Her loving guide speaks to everyone, not only awakened Twin Flames, and shares how the human experience has kept all of us from unconditional love. Suzanne walks you through your own liberating process of embracing unconditional love in your life. When you personally do this, you get to thrive like never before.  Joy and fulfillment are yours.

Are you ready to completely thrive? Here’s how:


Love Is Free includes six sections of heart-opening information. Each section details how you can embrace unconditional love in your life instead of the conditional love that you’ve been trained to tolerate. The radical book includes a detailed list of personal limitations, which are the result of conditional love.

Unconditional love shows you how to heal these limitations. It shows you how to heal your emotional pain. This is how you accept everyone unconditionally, especially yourself. The result is total freedom and the empowerment to live in bliss.

Are you ready to get started? Because you deserve to absolutely thrive.

Introduction to Love Is Free:

All throughout your life, you have been taught to suppress love even though love is your most natural instinct. All throughout your human experiences, you have been trained to restrict how much love you give to others and how much you receive from them, even though your most authentic trait is to be generous with love. You have been conditioned to withhold love and to resist feeling it fully, without even knowing you are doing this. But infinite, all-accepting love is who you are at the soul level, and you are meant to revel in it with all your heart.

I am here to help you remember this. I am here to help you embrace love full-on and to never restrict it again. In the pages to follow, I will show you how to stop suppressing the gorgeous love that you deserve to experience every day and everything else that you truly desire. Because when you stop restricting the love that you secretly crave, you also stop restricting everything else that you really want for yourself. You no longer limit your life. You are free to love and live without resistance. Exquisitely so.

And this radically changes your world. It leads you to feel utterly harmonious in your own skin and in everything that you experience. You start to create your life freely, consciously, and powerfully with the sweetest sense of fulfillment.

The times that you are living in are ripe for you to do this. In fact, that is why you may be struggling more than ever in your life right now—exactly so that you can see how you limit love and stop allowing this. That is why everything on planet earth feels so tumultuous these days—because you are living in times of great upheaval and transformation. And these times are asking all of us to love freely without limitation.

Love will change the world as we know it. That is why you are reading this book. Love Is Free, and you can completely embody it. Are you ready to do this and positively flourish?! Let’s get started. Let’s remember where you come from and who you really are.

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