A BOOK for Everyone

Suzanne’s new title✨💛✨

Love is Free; Free yourself from Conditional Love

Suzanne has written an exciting new eBook to explain what unconditional love really means. Her loving guide speaks to everyone, not only awakened Twin Flames, and shares how the human experience has kept all of us from unconditional love. Suzanne walks you through your own liberating process of embracing unconditional love in your life. When you personally do this, you finally thrive like you never have before. Everything that you truly want for yourself falls into place. Joy and fulfillment are yours.

Are you ready to completely thrive? Here’s how:


Love is Free includes six sections of heart-opening information. Each section details how you can embrace unconditional love in your life instead of the conditional love that you’ve been trained to tolerate. The book includes a detailed list of personal limitations, which are the result of conditional love.

Unconditional love shows you how to heal these limitations. It shows you how to heal your relationships as well as your emotional pain. This is how you accept everyone unconditionally, especially yourself. The result is total freedom and the empowerment to build your dream life.

Are you ready to get started? Because you deserve to absolutely thrive.