What does Twin Flame mean?

“Twin Flame” relationships are ultimate, spiritual romances. They play out love stories more real and therefore more complete than any fantasy. Each Twin Flame couple experiences a uniquely thrilling reunion that is filled with synchronicity and magic, as well as painful but unparalleled transformation. Each reunion unfolds like a perfect treasure map that gives its seekers goosebumps! The treasure, though extremely hard won, is what these seekers have always dreamed of and never thought they would hold – undying, romantic LOVE.

The Twin Flame bond is immaculate. Your “Twin” shares your exact same energy to the core. When you come together, you are reuniting with your long lost self. That is why the Twin Flame relationship is the most intimate and intense relationship that you will ever know.

The term Twin Flame refers to the flame of creation that lives within each soul. Twin Flames are formed when a soul splits into two halves. Two flames now inhabit different bodies while incarnating. (It’s important to note that souls split many times, but Twins are the primary split.)

When the time is right in their human experiences, Twins begin to magnetize each other, sparking their growth process. They find one another a midst challenging circumstances and often across great distances, or perhaps from years ago. These Twins are motivated by the most amazing, unconditional love. The process of re-joining as perfect, romantic partners begins.

As a soul reunites, any negativity in the way of attraction is brought into the light to be healed. This can feel like the darkest night of the soul imaginable. It can lead many Twins to run for the hills in denial! Because their Twin shows them everything inside that cries out to be healed.

But step by step, the purest unconditional love triumphs from within each partner, and they become individually whole. When such a soul finally reunites, they know true ecstasy and joined wholeness. They also become incredibly, spiritually powerful, as we all naturally are.

Yes, heaven on earth awaits. And we’re not kidding. The bliss of Twin Flame intimacy is indescribable and reveals yet more ecstasy with each day. We are living out the harmony of pure, unconditional love. All that we longed for is fully realized. The remaining growth that calls is easily handled together, as though from a higher, all-accepting perspective.

But why does a soul initially split? To know a new perspective of Godself. A soul might also split in service – to help a planet Ascend, just like our earth is experiencing at this time. You see, when a soul is put back together as one, the force created is immense. It can powerfully help to lift humanity into the higher dimensions of unconditional love that moves far beyond 3d limitations. This process is known as Ascension.

At this time in history, more and more of us are being given a physical Twin Flame experience while in human form for this reason. Many of us are also being given other kinds of ultimate, spiritual romances which comprise the closest match to your soul available on earth. We are finding our Beloveds and going through the intense process of uniting. This allows our human selves to finally heal and also helps our planet. Because humanity is now healing its experiment with separation and is finally ready to Ascend.

HEALING SEPARATION: As you can imagine, splitting a soul is dramatic. It is separation in its most basic form. When a soul begins to reunite, each half begins to heal all experiences of separation. They become whole again, individually first, and then whole together as ONE. This gives you some idea of how intense the process is.

This is why your other half shows you how to heal the separation in you. They act as a perfect mirror, reflecting your deepest pain of separation from the Divine. They open your heart which fills you with love, but also brings out all the pain that you have stored there. This pain begins to emerge so that you can heal it. When you do, immeasurable freedom and happiness are yours.

Your other half guides you to end all limitation and conditioning in your life so that you can embrace your own freedom and power. They help you to become your ultimate human self and to live the ideal, empowered life of your dreams.

HOW IT FEELS FOR MANY TWINS: If you are experiencing a Twin Flame relationship, then you will just know, deep down and without doubt, that this person is your one True Love of all time. Your relationship will differ dramatically from any you’ve ever known. It will challenge you on every level while also delivering unimaginable and total BLISS, in the strongest, most intuitive way that you can fathom.

If you have found your other half, a love and attraction more powerful than you can hold will inundate both of your beings and open your hearts forever. Looking into each other’s eyes will spark a magic more profound than you ever thought possible. The feel of your Twin’s touch – just on your arm! – will be instantly healing or softening and magnetic, unlike any sensation you’ve ever known. Even if you are apart, you will be overtaken by the most intense passion imaginable, both deeply spiritual and very sexual – in the purest way. It feels otherworldly yet deeply of this earth. This is also known as Kundalini awakening. And you will intuitively understand what an incredible gift this love is, while your mind and life desperately try to catch up. Once you remember the other half of your soul, you can never go back to your old life and forget them.

If this describes your experience, then you are on an accelerated spiritual path. So hang in there! But know that ultimate bliss awaits. Know also that humanity and our beautiful earth need your help at this time.

What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Soul Mate? It’s important to note that your other half is NOT a Soul Mate. You have many Soul Mates, a few of whom are exceptionally special to your life, but you only have ONE other half of your soul. You are meant to learn karmic lessons with your Soul Mates, and as these lessons are completed, you move on to new Soul Mate relationships. Each is intended and orchestrated by both souls. These are sacred relationships, and when romantic, can form beautiful partnerships, marriages, and families.

Soul Mate love is lovely and essential to the human experience. And Soul Mate relationships can become sacred partnerships. They can embody unconditional love with highly intimate integrity. We have learned from one beautiful couple in particular that Ultimate Soul Mate unions are now taking place on earth to help with Ascension. We like to call all such elevated relationships Divine Partnerships.

Some are also guided by their Twin’s love in the higher realms while having a Soul Mate partnership on earth. Often, this is just as intended. This keeps an enlightened soul from becoming trapped on the human plane, which is very possible. The human Twin is guided by the Twin above, and they are able to fulfill their important, much-needed spiritual work for humanity.

Now traditionally, Soul Mate relationships have been based on conditional love. This can be hard to see until your Twin enters the scene and floods your being with the most unconditional love imaginable! Suddenly, you see that Soul mate relationships feel much more safe than Twin Flame relationships. They require significantly slower growth and are perfect for hiding a lot of your stuff. Sometimes, in a Soul Mate relationship, it can feel as though you have both agreed to do whatever it takes to keep each others’ skeletons safely locked in your respective closets. When you meet your Twin Flame, all skeletons come out and are eventually set free.

The process is all about vulnerability and bearing your soul so that you can finally love all of yourself. This means revealing your deepest beauty to each other as well as your darkest demons. It means turning the secrets of your life upside down so that you can be reborn in total authenticity, acceptance, and unconditional love.

WHAT IF I SUSPECT THAT I HAVE FOUND MY TWIN FLAME, BUT THEY DO NOT RECIPROCATE WHAT I FEEL? The answer is to focus on you, your growth, and self-love. Whether this person is your Twin Flame or another kind of Ascension Soulmate does not matter. They have triggered intense spiritual growth for you that was contracted at the soul level, and that is all that matters for now. Tap into your inner knowing for guidance and believe this above all else. Take each heart-led step to become complete in your own love.

WHAT IF I AM LOOKING FOR A TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP? If you focus on an accelerated spiritual path of self-love, you will ultimately draw the highest relationships possible for you. Whether this includes your Twin Flame on earth depends upon your destiny. Either way, you will end up with the immense gift of loving yourself and beautiful relationships that support you.