A BOOK for Twin Flames

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This book was written by and is especially for Twin Flame partners who both actively want the relationship.  

We want to tell you a secret. True Love is real. It’s not just a fairy tale. But even the fairy tales get it wrong. This is what “Twin Flame” couples have come to show us at this crucial time for humanity. And we have written a guide to explain the worldwide phenomenon.

Our eBook is designed to help those going through a Twin Flame experience – when both partners are on board. It contains valuable information detailing the philosophy behind Twin Flame love. This book outlines the specific growth sparked by Twin Flame challenges and offers hands on techniques for navigating through such a relationship. But most of all, this guide answers your deepest questions about the Twin Flame experience and unearths its astounding purpose. When you understand the reasons for Twin Flames, you will rediscover yourself.

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TheBookButtonIn our guide, you will find four helpful sections of information:

  1. The philosophy and purpose behind the Twin Flame experience
  2. Detailed assistance to get you through your Twin Flame challenges
  3. Practical techniques for navigating your relationship
  4. And, a crucial Question and Answer section that addresses your toughest Twin Flame difficulties

In our book, you will find answers to such questions as:

  • What if our challenges are so huge that we don’t know how we’re ever going to be together?
  • What if my Twin is completely unaware of what we have?
  • What if my Twin stops all communication?
  • What if I still love my prior partner?
  • What if I’m not sure that I’m in a Twin Flame relationship?

Excerpts from True Love Is Real



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Introduction to the Book:

If you have fallen in love reciprocally with the other half of your soul, then you have come to the right place. This “Twin Flame” guide was written for you. Your incredible love story is the romantic process of reuniting your soul. And as we’ll explore, there is tremendous purpose involved.

If you are in a similar kind of ultimate, spiritual romance, there is a lot of information in this book that can help you as well. We believe that these similar romances comprise the closest soul-match available to you on earth. They serve great purpose too.

All ultimate unions start the same way. They begin with the experience of two people falling in love more powerfully than they ever dreamed. This also makes life more challenging than they thought possible. This book helps you to understand why this happens. It examines what Twin Flames go through in depth and unearths the profound reasons for these romantic experiences.

If you are a Twin Flame, you will be able to understand your relationship better. You will be able to overcome your challenges and make choices from a place of clarity. If you choose, you will be on your way to uniting with your ideal spiritual partner, just like Spencer and I have done.

We are here to support you. We want to empower you to create a life that honors you completely, whatever that means for you. We highly recommend following your own guidance above anyone else’s – including ours. We want to thank you for bringing your incredible love to our earth at this crucial time. Your beauty, bravery and curiosity are astounding.

If you are reading this because you have experienced an ultimate romance that involves devastating “running” and “chasing,” we explain these dynamics, but we advise you not to get ahead of yourself. The primary reason why these situations occur is to help you heal every last pain that you carry. The secondary reason is the potential for ultimate union, but only you can know if that is your destiny.

If you are reading this because you know someone affected by a Twin Flame romance, this guide will explain a lot, and it is written from the Twin Flame perspective. If you haven’t experienced this level of spiritual romance and are hoping to, keep in mind that these relationships are challenging beyond measure. Your soul may not have planned such an experience right now. You will want to focus on falling in love with yourself, which is the ultimate, spiritual reunion.

If you embark upon an accelerated path of self-love, you will attract the highest relationships to your life, including the most elevated partnership possible. Whether this includes your Twin Flame depends upon your destiny. Either way, you will end up with the immense gift of loving yourself, and you will have beautiful relationships that support you.

Infinite LOVE,

Suzanne & Spencer

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