We are a Twin Flame couple on a mission: to help others unite successfully and assist earth Ascension—the rapid spiritual evolution that humanity is going through. We understand the awesome gift behind our experience and are sharing what we know. We are passionate about explaining your Twin Flame challenges so that you can Ascend.

Our Story:  We became friends through our spiritual blogs, half a world away – Spencer in England and Suzanne in America. We fell in love unexpectedly, without meeting in person. And when we say fell in love, we mean that our hearts were ripped wide open and we experienced the most powerful and total unconditional love imaginable. We were swept off our feet with a force that defied everything we knew before, including distance and convention. It took five months before we actually met in the physical, during which time our other precious relationships turned upside down, along with our lives.

But we made it! We gave everything we had to be with each other, and ten years later we are living together permanently, in complete union. Although the intensity still challenges us frequently, we are now equipped to handle it—to look inside and to clear anything in the way of Love. Life together often feels like heaven on earth.

We are here for all champions of True Love—you beautiful Twin Flames across the globe who inspire us with your bravery and perseverance. Things have not been easy for you on this corrupt yet transitioning/Ascending planet, and Twin Flames feel that intensely!

We get our information from direct experience, intuitive abilities, and years of spiritual discovery. We have published books to provide more guidance, available on this site.

Click to see Suzanne’s spiritual work here.

We love you, fellow Twins! And we know just how difficult it gets.

Infinite Love,

Spencer & Suzanne

“When you think you are helping someone else, they are probably helping you.”


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