Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol sabotages the Twin Flame journey immensely. It makes things so much harder than they have to be. Drinking alcohol worsens the pain that Twins are here to heal. It keeps us stuck in suffering.

This is something that Spencer and I experienced first hand when the days of wine and roses turned sour. We were overwhelmed by so much turmoil in our lives, and when we drank wine, that turmoil felt absolutely impossible. When we didn’t drink, everything was so much better. Looking back, we wish that we could have seen this gigantic blindspot, so I’ve written a book to help other Twins avoid alcohol. This is the book that we wish someone had given to us so that we could see our own alcohol conditioning.

The sad truth is that humans are conditioned to drink alcohol on purpose so that we regularly put ourselves in a lower vibration. Yes, the high from alcohol is not a high. It is a very powerless low. But when we take alcohol out of our lives completely, we re-discover our natural bliss. This bliss lifts everything into a higher dimension which is so crucial at this pivotal time.

We hope this information can help you, dear Twins, and we send you infinite LOVE.  

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Quit the Cult of Alcohol; Discover Your Natural Bliss


“When we drink alcohol, we give away our time, our money, and our health. We become asleep and powerless. Only a cult could make us do this. 

The shocking truth is that drinking alcohol is a cult and an extremely powerful one. The Cult of Alcohol is real, and it is absolutely everywhere. It is widely and openly accepted, and we are deeply conditioned to join it.” 

“Humans are conditioned to drink alcohol so that corrupt people can profit, but the whole story is actually more nefarious. Those who run the corruption on this planet like to keep people in survival mode. Why? So that the energy here remains low. Those who are corrupt feed off of negative energy, and We-the-People give them plenty of this negativity when we hurt ourselves with alcohol. 

It’s pretty dark when you think about it. But right now, the exciting news is that energy is rising on planet earth, and humanity is evolving rapidly out of survival mode. We are seeing our conditioning more and more clearly, and we are choosing a more loving paradigm instead. This is absolutely thrilling, and it’s what I’ve spent twelve years studying.

At this time on earth, all of our human conditioning is being revealed to us clearly so that we can quickly free ourselves from it. We all have this opportunity right now. That is why things are so chaotic. And that is why drinking culture is disintegrating before our eyes. This trend will continue indefinitely.”

“When we remove the things that sabotage us on every level, we get to finally thrive on every level. We discover the best high there is—natural, life-changing bliss. I am living proof.”  

Quit the Cult of Alcohol is available here for US $4.99