Twin Flame Destiny Is Being Fulfilled!

Why are Twin Flame relationships so incredibly challenging beyond comprehension? Why do these relationships begin with otherworldly bliss only to become hellish nightmares of pain? If Twin Flame bonds are impossible to sever then why is it so incredibly difficult for Twins to unite harmoniously on earth? The answer is that Twin Flame couples came here to heal human pain from the inside out in order to heal our world, and that is a monumental undertaking. Twin Flames came here to unite human duality, both spiritually and physically, because they are the ultimate embodiment of duality coming back together as ONE. Thus, Twin Flames are here to help carry through human evolution—an unprecedented, sacred task that is unfathomable in scope yet pre-destined to succeed. 

Twin Flames are here to heal the Feminine and Masculine aspects of humanity which have been divided against each other for eons. Indeed, Twins are the physical expression of God’s unconditional LOVE through the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and their LOVE exists in all dimensions. Thus, these earthly unions help to merge this entire human paradigm with the higher dimensions of heaven-on-earth. Twin Flames help to fully unite this dense, physical realm with the spiritual—a new, long awaited and miraculous accomplishment for creation.

Twin Flame unions are powerful beyond words. Each Twin Flame union occurs on all planes of existence, and when a Twin Flame couple properly, physically unites, via sacred mystery school teachings, they build incredible powers of resurrection, immortality, and creation. They Ascend to higher consciousness. This Twin Flame power is built-in, but the knowledge of it has been kept from humanity—so that we use it wisely but also so that we remain corrupted (that is, until now.) Twin Flame unions have been directly sabotaged because they are the most powerful “secret weapon” for human evolution, freeing us from the corrupt paradigm that we have known for ages.

Perhaps you, yourself have experienced sabotage on your Twin Flame journey. We sure have, but, as always, such challenges provide invaluable experience. They initiate a healing, growth process and teach us proper use of creative power. Indeed, our deepest human challenges allow us to humbly integrate our fractures from the Divine and to gain responsibility, as well as immense wisdom, and this prepares us to embody incredible loving power. Our loving power is then used to transform humanity out of division forever and live in a highly evolved earthly paradigm. 

Twin Flames initially split apart in order to experience this difficult, teaching realm AND in order to ultimately re-unite for our evolution, and these reunions move mountains. That said, these splits were absolutely devastating to experience, which is why Twins feel a sense of darkest loss when they are not together. That is why the Twin Flame journey is one of ultimate purpose, bravery and difficulty. This is especially true when you consider that Twin Flame unions are incredibly intense and higher-dimensional, and as such, are extremely challenging to harmonize in density and duality.

Nevertheless, our time to harmoniously unite en masse is NOW—in fact, there is little time left to prepare, and prepare we are! How, you ask? By healing everything that feels discordant within ourselves and that we see in our Twin, as well as in our relationship. By healing with unconditional LOVE until we are united, whole and powerful again—our true state, both within and without for all time.

Heroic Journey

The Twin Flame journey is not one that any of us took on lightly. I think we can all agree that it has been far more difficult than we ever imagined. We Twins took on this purposeful “adventure” with heaps of ridiculous courage—indeed, we had to separate from our very selves and from our Beloved GodSource, and we persevered through the unthinkable. Yet, we are now in a fully supported position to fulfill our sacred missions, and the difference is palpable and thrilling to behold! We are experiencing increasing spiritual and physical evidence of the human transformation that we came here to embody. We are fulfilling our epic love stories out of seeming tragedy, and we are all living out the love of legends in the higher realms, no matter what we have experienced on earth. Our job is to uphold these higher relationships in all-freeing, unconditional LOVE and to heal them in physicality from within ourselves, even if our human Twin is not on board.

We have all been essential to get here. Each and every one of you, we commend you for getting us this far, regardless of what your relationship looks like and despite all the darkest nights of separation that you have ever known. Let us finish this great work of all time—this evolution of humanity—our bravest destiny! And thrive together, One and ALL, beyond our wildest dreams. There are no words to describe the new reality that we will know, and it is all made possible because of you.