Your Golden Opportunity

You are living during the most intense awakening times for humanity. This means that you are being given a golden opportunity to heal yourself on all levels. Your Twin Flame relationship accelerates your healing process. Your Twin Flame brings out everything that asks to be healed in you so that you can evolve into your highest human expression. 

Your healing involves addressing all the ways that you feel fractured, discordant and corrupted. Your healing involves summoning the greatest love from within your depths until you finally feel whole and harmonious, with the shining innocence of your soul. Throughout the process, you face your core wounds of abandonment and betrayal. You endure the darkest nights, and you hold onto yourself because that is all that you have left. You come to your own rescue and answer your own cries for love until you feel the same love for yourself that you feel for your Twin.

You summon the deepest spiritual love from within your core—a love that is unfathomable. This love is all that you have ever craved, and it heals what has felt so broken. For you realize that you are not forsaken because you will never forsake yourself. You will put yourself back together again and unite all aspects that have gone astray until you feel perfect oneness. And in that oneness, you actually help to heal all humans. 

This is the spiritual human journey, and Twin Flames act as catalysts on the road. We give all for love so that we may give love for all. We follow our hearts above reason so that we may heal every heartbreak. We heal all the distortions that have corrupted human partnerships. Most people shy away from this kind of intense healing, and who could blame them? But you, you are a force of nature in this world and a wayshower for all people. You are a leader of healing, and you are here to lead humanity back to LOVE. And we are in awe of you.  

Infinite Love ~Suzanne & Spencer