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We are so delighted to announce that our labor of Love is now complete! Our Book, True Love is Real, is the culmination of our experiences in successfully reuniting as a Twin Flame couple. Suzanne wrote these pages with the intention of offering the guidance and support that we ourselves craved as we negotiated the tumultuous, Twin Flame path.

Through sharing our sublime and brutal process on the blog, we have had the privilege of connecting with so many beautiful souls around the world who are also going through a Twin Flame relationship. The parallels in our shared experiences have been profoundly moving and inspiring. We are so grateful that you are here with us.

To purchase True Love is Real, click here.

Infinite Love,

Spencer and Suzanne


15 thoughts on “The Book is Here!

  1. I’m already on chapter 10. This validates every single nuance of what my twin and I have gone through. We’re not crazy. Our reunion is close, as we’ve been out of contact for a year, while she weighed leaving her marriage. Brutallly painful, but necessary. So grateful beyond words to have this validation to turn to when conditioned friends who mean well cant understand yet, because it hasnt happened to them yet. Thank you!!!!


    • We can feel how incredibly challenging your separation has been. It’s wonderful to receive validation from you, as only fellow Twins can truly understand. Keep lighting the way with internal certainty that courageously guides, ~S&S


  2. Wow! All I can say is thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I have been following your blog for a while now and have found your posts amongst the few that actually resonate with, inspire and enlighten me. I was so excited when I saw your e-book was available that I purchased it within seconds and promptly devoured the lot in one sitting! Every single word was divinely inspired, awakened and uplifting.
    I loved your personal story, the insights, the breadth and depth of the topics as well as the great set of survival tips – God knows we need them all 😊 I think what I really appreciate most in the book, as well as all your posts, is the energy behind the words. It is unmistakably that of a true Twin Flame union. It has the courage to tackle the deepest recesses of the Twin Flame experience and then lifts and illuminates the darkness with grace, transcendence and joy.
    I also have to add that your photo at the end moved me to tears. Suzanne, looking at your image I got the strongest sense of familiarity and recognition – a soul connection of some sort. Anyway, I just wanted to say you both make a gorgeous Twin Flame couple, naturally! 😊
    I unreservedly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in, or is on, the Twin Flame path. Definitely worth all your hard work!
    Monika 😊


  3. We are so touched by your message. So grateful you are here with us on this incredible journey. We deeply feel the connection between all Twins and know exactly what you say about the recognition. It has been wonderful to meet you again : ) and correspond. We wish you infinite blessings ~S&S


  4. This is by far the best book I’ve read on this twin flame journey, you even touched on the hate I sometimes feel which of course isn’t real but in the moment it sure feels that way. I can’t tell you how maligned I’ve been for sharing my real feelings like wanting to run away, not liking him sometimes, people on this journey come at you like this is all Love, love, love.

    Thank you for this refreshing, raw and realistic view of what this journey is all about. I just wish I knew all this information sooner. I feel I am better equipped to reconnect with him in a healthy way. I’ve prayed so much for this type of guidance. I just hope a lot more people stumbled unto this because they are a lot of people hurting and being giving a lot of wrong information.


    • We understand how frustrating it is, not to mention excruciating, that others can’t understand this experience, especially when we Twins could really use help from those around us! Perhaps the most poignant aspect of TF relationships is that they ask us to look at what we have tried to ignore in the past. They ask us to address what is hidden, raw, and too revealing – what is real and afraid, and to fully feel emotions that have been shunned, so that we can finally love all of ourselves. And in the end, we are grateful for this glorious opportunity.

      Thank you for being real and here with us ~S&S

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  5. Can I pay by paypal or phone you as I can’t seam to get the online payment system to work?

    Many thanks,



  6. Hi Suzanne and Spencer, this book is really great!
    It is so different from all you can find on the internet, and in a good way. It is positive, realistic, down to earth. For these who are struggling with their twinflame it will be a great help. It will be for me!
    Although your story is so different from mine, everything sounds so familiar.
    And your picture, so nice! What a great, beautiful, radiant couple. You’re so lucky to be togheter!
    Like I told you before, thank you so much for all your support, for me and for all the twinflames going through hard times. Writing this book really brings us hope and I can litteraly feel the love you spread with it!


    • Thank you Isabelle! It has been so wonderful to get to know you through our Twin Flame experiences. We send so much gratitude and Love ~S&S


  7. Thank you for your book. I read it in one sitting and it’s definitely what I’m experiencing. The love I have for my twin who is not with me right now is incredible. I’ve got the “unconditional love” for him down because I only love him, like so much. I have a really specific and embarrassing question though. We’ve been apart for 28 months with very little contact. He’s definitely my mirror is all I want to say on that. I love him through what he has had to show me even though it’s been terrifying and I remember our love together. He was my boyfriend for about two months and my lover for a few weeks, and I’ve been celibate and alone since the last moment I saw him. So my question, and again it’s embarrassing and I have not been able to find anyone to ask it of, is when I “self-love” I CRY at the end every time. Most of the time it’s a deep cry, and I do mean deep, primal and intense. I don’t even know where it comes from. It tears out of me and it doesn’t feel normal. I do think of my twin, every time. We made genuine, real, healing healthy love together. I MISS him so much. Is this normal, the deep intense overwhelming crying when I, er, orgasm? I wish someone could tell me this is normal because it’s usually always that this happens, and I can’t stop it.

    Embarrassingly yours,



  8. Hi Jennifer/Rose! Thanks so much for asking your brave question. Sex is natural, so don’t worry about feeling embarrassed, but of course we understand!

    Here is my, Suzanne’s, personal experience. When Spencer and I were separated, I would cry just like you at the end. It was a deep cry from my soul, and I would involuntarily say out loud, “Spencer! I LOVE him so much! So much.” This confirmed that he was the one and only man for me. And this reassured me immensely that I was on the right path, as I had to destroy a lot of my old life and relationships in the process of uniting. And, of course, we also had challenging growth to heal between us through long periods of separation.

    Spencer did not have an emotional response at the end, but did feel the intense longing 24/7.

    We hope this helps to know that you are not alone in your experience. We send all our Love and support to you ~S&S


    • Hello! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this comment and response! I have been experiencing this ever since I was attuned in Reiki in Sedona, and I had a vision of my Twin. Whom I already know and have never had a relationship with. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that if this is happening, and I am seeing him during the experience and missing him deeply afterwards when I begin to cry, was that confirmation of him being my Twin? I’ve started to feel like maybe I was going crazy… thank you so very much!!!


    • I am so grateful to have found this comment and reply! This has been happening to me as well and I have not known what to make of it! I was recently attuned in Reiki in Sedona and during that process, I discovered that I had a Twin Flame and that it was someone I knew. Ever since then, every time I orgasm, I begin to cry and I feel an incredibly powerful longing and sadness that he is not with me. It has been so confusing and scary for me since we have never been in union and he has never once expressed any feelings of love or romance towards me. Anyway, just to clarify, could this be an affirmation of our Twin Flame connection? That would really settle so much for me. Thank you!!!


  9. Thank you all for being here with us! What we want to express most is that this person who has appeared to you and inspired great longing in you, IS you. We are all one after all, and we have found that these deepest recognitions are for other parts of the soul who are experiencing different incarnations. The TF spit is the closest. We believe that Twin Flames represent the ultimate coming back together that all of humanity is in the process of remembering, otherwise known as our undeniable and inherent collective unity.

    More specifically, Spencer and I can say that every intuitive and intense urging or vision we had upon meeting turned out to be true. Unfortunately, Twins do get separated by a lack of reciprocation very easily, although that itself is a healing initiation. We believe the lack of reciprocation or recognition by the other Twin will change as Ascension progresses.

    What matters most, regardless, is the LOVE. The love Is you. The longing is FOR you. You are creation recognizing itself in the mirror of others souls, healing the separation and sadness at last.

    Infinite LOVE ~S&S


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