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  1. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. On the day when I was questioning whether all of this twin flame thing is even real, and I prayed for an answer, you posted this video and reminded me that it is. Please keep the messages coming, they really help.




    • Hi Thayre, we are with you on your journey. Always remember that the love you feel is you. Love is who you really are. Your Twin Flame experience is simply reminding you of this. Love your beautiful self with all your might.
      Infinite Love ~ S&S


  2. Hi Spencer and Suzanne!

    I wanted say a BIG thank you to the both of you!! For over a year now, your work has helped me tremendously. It helped me get out of the darkest moment of my life. I feel warm love about that. 🔥 🔥 Me and my twin flame are trying to be together. It’s a crazy ride. We’ll see.

    In light,


  3. Hi Suzanne and Spencer.
    I just want to tell hou how much you helped me since the beginning of my journey two years ago…I read your book when everything started, when my world and my identity as i knew it exploded in a million pieces (excuse my english i’m a french and spanish speaker and i do my best) Thank you so much…I trusted you right away because you were holding the faith with your compassion and your encouragment, the faith i really couldn’t find by myself at that time.

    And now, i’m literraly living things that you talked about… There were so many things at the beginning that i believed, and held on to, but couldn’t really SEE and realize, for exemple The illusion of separation… I’ve been almost two years trusting that idea (which is not an idea it’s actually a fact), seeing it like some sort of union already existant in some other world…But ultimately things changed so fast and one realization leading to another, i starded to live it. It’s almost like an already physical truth and it’s literal. And it’s right now right here…I got there by realizing that this union love is what I AM. I mean in my essence….

    I’m just THAT. I started to take off all the masks i had on, even when i was alone with myself (and we are so never truly alone…), And i just started to then desperately want to know who i was…i just didn’t know anymore…it was so confusing… i just got so lost…and i realized (after navigating painfuly in all this), that i’m not my personality, i am not what i do, i am not what i like or what i dislike, I am not my personal tastes…I am not my job, I am not what i lived neither how i look, I am this essence behind all that, This woman i am with my twin flame…And I am this LOVE… I am what we are when we are together…I am what emanates from us two…

    And when i got that, i was still feeling seperated…But then, i started to realize the meaning of BEING. It means if i am this union, if i am this love, then i’ve always been that and will always be, and it’s now…We are already in union because it’s who we are already…Like a print, or a birthmark… Union is not true just in the future, when we’ll get together physically… because it would mean that right now, i am NOTHING…and it’s not true heheh… it’s who we already are, want it or not… If our twin flame LOve and Union is what we really are, then we already have everything…When i miss him so much, it’s just because i’m not remembering what it means to BE…so i have to go in my heart and remember the truth of who i am, and see this union already there, because it just IS…

    It means we are not seperated and never was…We connot be separated from what we already are…And now i’m just starting to truly litterally embody oneness… and it’s a shock…I’m starting to see all the things that this means right NOW… And this union is so litteral that it scares me…i’m frightened discovering all that it means, it’s a lot for me….It means duality ended. And never really was. Duality is just someting that does not exists… I am kind of taking one step at the time with this because it’s so much…in fact every step of this journey was always almost too much for me…as soon as i get a little comfortable with what i just acknowledged, things stard to chage again and i realize more… and get umcomfortable again…

    And i’m so not strong enough in my truth yet… sometimes i doubt, and it feels like i go to hell…because seperating myself from that love is like seperating myself from myself..so that’s why it feels like dying and self destruction when we doubt and are scared that everything is false… Because if i am this union, then when i’m scared, i’m just not allowing myself to BE…That’s why everything turns black and white…But i know this love will lead me… I will never stop.

    And more than physical reunion with my twin, what i really want is knowing and be able to trust myself, what i know for sure, the truth, no nobody and nothing can take it away from me…or should i say, my truth will be independent…because in fact nobody is trying to take it away from me, it’s just me being reflected my own insecurities in what i hear or see…What i want is to get to fully live and accept my union right now, every second of my life because this is what i am…This is my way to happiness… I want to embody who I am in essence. Fully. In every aspect of my life…and no more duality. Thank you so so much for reading what i wanted to share with you, it is where i am right now in my journey…I know althought it’s really hard, it’s all worth it… Please keep sharing with us, it helped me so so much…you are like a lighthouse…helping us twins to find ourselves…and we are so all different!!! But it’s just amazing…. Thank you so much ❤

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    • Hi Anne-Marie! This is GORGEOUS!!! We hope lots of Twins get to read your wisdom and process. Thank you for inspiring us all! ✨💖 Infinite Love ~ S&S


  4. Dear Suzanne and Spencer,

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. You’re both so beautiful– like upgraded post-human beings off light! The content you share here is helpful on many levels (or other dimensions, as it were). I particularly appreciate the honesty about the experience of facing your shadow– those fears, and how it’s way tougher, more challenging, than one can even imagine. The words about time, keeping one’s focus on embodying light/spiritual enlightenment, and to remain open to the miracles that begin to happen in turn are also enlightening.

    In my own Twin Flame journey, I sense that we are in the final stretch toward permanent union. Following a devastating separation four months ago, it started to seem that all our worst nightmares were coming true– certainly mine were. So I began to radically listen to my inner voice and embarked on a path I hadn’t yet done on this journey: actively let go, radically, and even live in the fears– to embrace them fully.

    Now let’s be clear: although the work is getting easier, it’s still terrifying. There are moments when I feel hopeless, defeated, angry… as though I’ve made the biggest mistake in my life by following this love, by believing it was real. In this video, it’s mentioned that accepting fears and letting them be is of utmost importance, lest they grow stronger. I am currently still struggling with fear, because on the one hand, the fears ARE real… one of the clairvoyant souvenirs I’ve acquired on this journey are incredibly vivid, nearly prophetic dreams that allow me to communicate with my Twin nearly every night (worth noting is that, in that process, I’ve realized that he appears in more than just his own form, which I’m learning to apply to so-called “real life,”). Yet at times, I have terrible nightmares that bring my deepest fears to the surface — and what was unfolding in the third dimension before I cut off all contact was the stuff of nightmares as well — so getting all of this imagery out of my head is proving to be a daunting task indeed. I’m not sure what to do.

    I suppose not trying to “forget” it is the answer… but again, I wonder if I’m strong enough to do this.

    On the other hand, I keep hearing this inner voice call out that they’re all an illusion– that they’re not real. Indeed, I had a dream a few weeks ago — right before I answered the call to cut off all digital access with my Twin — that I was in the midst of a reenactment of one of my most treasured, happiest childhood memories, with a “voice” (more of a telepathic communication) that gently told me: “I want you to feel this free again,” to which I felt in response… my God, he loves me SO MUCH.

    So, while I’m aware that there are other possibilities out there, but am scared, frustrated, and perhaps angry at myself still that I’m “not there yet.” And although I am still confidently marching forward on this path while growing adept at the art of surrender, I don’t yet fully trust that the fears are simply an illusion, and that I’m being led to the path toward freedom. In the back of my mind, I’m still feeling a constant hum of worry that is attached to him, to ideas of how our outcome “should” look, and am still so scared of opening my heart back up to the possibility that we will find each other again… perhaps because, if so, it’ll completely blow my mind… which, as a person whose apparent destiny is (among other things) to be a university teacher, is a hard concept to trust.

    To you, beautiful couple: any concrete advice on this category of issues?

    Also, any thoughts on what karma’s role in all of this?

    I might add that almost every day, fantastic synchronicities are starting to occur, and at warp-speed– reminders of our relationship that I had all but stomped out in the most unlikely of places, impossible coincidences, and instant manifestation of thoughts and feelings. Plus, my dreams are basically a nightly theater, and I’m learning how to understand them more every day. Additionally, I find myself having moments of sheer bliss, and am becoming more solidly excited for how fantastically unexpectedly this is playing out– after all, I do feel that we’re close.

    Lastly, thank you both for making this beautiful website. I’ve come here in my darkest times, and it’s given me hope. You’re a gorgeous couple who radiate light, and even coming to this website is proving to be healing for me. Ah, the scope of fifth dimensional powers!


  5. Thank you! This is so beautiful—the synchronicity, bliss and dream world you are experiencing. The childhood freedom—yes! That’s what it’s all about. The tremendous courage you are summoning as you face your deepest fears. We know the feeling of fearing you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life (these doubts are from the left brain, ego and human conditioning) only to have your heart and soul show you with absolute certainty that this love is the only thing that’s actually real—it’s true!

    Your Beloved mirrors your darkest fears so that you can heal them. These are lost aspects of yourself wanting to be accepted and loved. The Ascension process that you are going through does take time, step by brave step. Don’t be hard on yourself. You can’t rush it, but have to embody each step until the shift occurs. You are learning to trust your soul and this love above very convincing and limiting shadows. It’s a whole new way of living from the infinite heart, not the doubting head.

    Karma often plays out as follows—you weren’t able to be together in a past life. Tragically so. In this life, you can finally unite because this is your Ascension life. This is why you separated in the first place—to undergo extreme separation and then come back together with such a force of love that you help to shift the entire human paradigm.

    We hope the other beautiful comments above can help. We are all here to help each other through this incredible spiritual culmination of the human experience. Infinite Love to you! ~S&S


    • Hello,

      Thanks so much for your response…

      Not to harp on the point, but I’m still wondering how, exactly, to conquer these fears. Are they an illusion? If so, how? It feels so hopeless sometimes… now is one of them, as I’m reminded of the deep betrayal that took place and ensued our separation. How can I forgive him? How can I trust him? I want to love again… and there are times I feel he doesn’t deserve my love.

      I still feel so obsessed with this situation and want nothing more than to feel happy again. At times like this, I genuinely wish I never met him… I feel like I’m just being punished and tortured by the universe all at once, and wish I could disappear from my life.

      If you can’t respond, I understand.


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