What it means to Love

I am going share the most vital lesson I have learned from my Twin Flame experience. In fact, all spiritual lessons lead ultimately to one incredibly simple truth, and this truth can be described in an infinite number of ways, yet can be summed up in a single word: that word is, of course, LOVE.

All we have to ‘do’ is Love. All we need is Love. It is so simple that our frail human minds melt down at the lack of complexity.

The mind needs to feed on complexity (problems) in order to perpetuate its hold over us as the most “intelligent” component of our experience. We complicate things and limit them completely. Suzanne’s Book, Love is Free, delves into this self imposed exile that we place upon ourselves when we limit Love by making it conditional. We all know in our hearts that true Love is unconditional and radiates its light equally on all creation, just as the rays of the sun do.

But it is nigh on impossible for us to truly Love as Eternity Loves—we are simply so entrenched and invested in duality that we are bound to limit Love to that which we judge deserves it most. Yet we must try to Love unconditionally.

Most of us have heard that only purest Love has no opposite, and therefore, transcends duality. Duality is the essence of the illusion that we all labour under. Duality forces us to constantly decide between two opposites. It is like tossing a coin. We judge each element of experience and choose to put our attention on one side of the coin over the other, knowing that heads is not tails and vice versa. Buddhists focus on that which something sacred is not, in order to keep from limiting the conception by a dualistic definition. They describe something sacred as the absence of something—i.e. Enlightenment is the absence of suffering. They understand that Enlightenment (Love) is sacred and not a defined thing.

All things in duality have an opposite so that our minds can ‘know’ what it is. Eternity cannot be known by the mind for it has no opposite; it does not exist because, to exist, it must have something to ‘stand out’ against. Space does not exist until you have at least two points of reference—the gap between the two points we call space. Ask yourself what was there before the second point of reference was created. Nothing, no thing.

At this point, one’s minds begins to give up, for the mind is born of duality. The mind needs twin points of reference. This is how Twin Flames in essence operate. In order to grasp that which lies beyond duality, we need to become aware of our awareness. It is a blessing indeed that we can be aware that we are aware, and that there is more to us than the mind. If we are to stop perpetually suffering, we must transcend the thinking mind that limits us so horribly.

As Twin Flames, we endure the very worst kind of suffering: the yearning that pulls at our hearts so intensely that we feel we might die with longing. But suffering is only there to jolt us out of the illusion of duality, and what could express duality more completely than the need for union with our opposite form?

So take heart, fellow Twins. This is the most concentrated experience there is, and it is there to wake us up from our dream of duality because we are ready! We know that we are ‘ready’ because we are having the experience.

Our challenge is to transcend the greatest illusion; to know that we are only separated from our Twin by a misconception. Know this, dearest friends—you are not and were never separated as Twin Flames. You agreed as whole beings to create an illusory experience of splitting into two so that you could find your way back to wholeness with a more complete understanding of what it means to be whole.

You journeyed into pain so that you could learn to transcend it and appreciate what it is to Love Unconditionally. You are here to Love your Twin Flame unconditionally, and allow them be exactly as they are. You will then Love as Eternity Loves, and the illusion of separation will cease to cause you pain, for you will KNOW the truth—you will know Love. It is a simple as that.




12 thoughts on “What it means to Love

  1. Thank you. The unconditional love is what I am trying to stay focused on or feel. I imagine myself dancing with myself or hugging myself to help this process. It’s all so hard and heavy sometimes, sometimes I’m on cloud nine also. ❤️Thank you.


    • Thank YOU! There are inevitable ups and downs on this path. These are dramatic Ascension times that you are living in, so have great compassion for yourself for being here!

      Remember, Love is the answer to everything, and it will come more easily and naturally this year. Love is easy, but also way too easy to resist because we are trained to resist it as human beings.

      We love this practice of dancing with yourself and hugging yourself! That is absolutely the way. May it bring you ever closer to realizing Unconditional Love and your perfect freedom! INFINITE LOVE, S&S


      • Hi there again S&S,
        I had a really good light bulb moment about a self love tool. I was thinking how could I counsel or give myself advice as it seems this is the best advice for me (my own). I thought I could compile a list of questions to ask myself in the mirror – gaze into my own eyes instead of craving my TFs. I would ask her ‘why is it so hard to love yourself but so easy to love him’? Etc… what do you think? Good tool right?!
        Also I have an 8yr old daughter and I feel she’s purging a lot too, I parent using hand in hand methods which you may know? Thanks (ps Vera Ingrborg recommended I get advice about kids being involved from you guys) I have got your book ‘love is free’ and today for the first time I felt a spark of true authentic self love ❤️
        X jen x


      • Hi Jennifer!

        Your Self-Love exercise is amazing! So inspiring. This will help many TF’s who read your comment.

        So exciting that you are feeing authentic Self-Love. 

        Wow, we can so relate to your experience with your child. Shout out to Amazing Vera! Love ~Suzanne & Spencer


  2. When I look at photos of my twin living a great life, happy without me, I don’t want to live anymore. I don’t want these experiences anymore, and I don’t know how to be happy with what I have been given (an unloving family, people who abandon me when I am so good to others). When does it finally end? I don’t know how to stop looking at my twin’s life, because I don’t feel anything here for me except pain. I don’t understand the feeling of love because no one has ever loved me without hurting me. Seriously, when does the pain end? I keep praying for the desire to live.


    • Dear Yellowbird, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I’m a twin who also has had a very challenging life. I too have been abandoned, let down, and have no friends.

      I know how it feels. I know that words are of little comfort, but I want to let you know that you are not alone. Never give up!


      • We send so much empathy to you, Yellowbird—and Don, and all who are going through this. We remember you. And wow do we know how it feels, exactly as you describe~and we mean exactly, more than you can ever know. Dark nights, emotional suffering, and utterly alone, having lost all close relationships from the past. Even getting together broke us, but obviously worth it as only TF’s can understand, yet even we were separated!!! Spencer’s last post addresses this head on. What is happening is a dramatic detachment from 3D. If one approaches that from 3D, we see only loss and heartache. If we approach it from 5D, we see freedom. we are in the void, ready to leap for the spectacularly ALL-LOVING new. In late March, unprecedented amounts of Light will be hitting the planet, and everything will change. You are being prepared for this. It is very strange to be prepared, waiting and ready and still having to go on in an asleep 3D world. We know this feeling intimately. But all will be revealed. One thing is certain, your ONLY source of consolation is YOU. Spend time every day tapping into your own intuition. You cannot rely on anyone else for guidance, not us! We send you all infinite Love ~S&S

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  3. Hi there lovely Suzanne and Spencer.
    I’ve read both the books now and I have a couple of questions.
    At the moment me and my TF are in 3D separation. I just had a session with a Healer who has lots of TF experience, she was epic and cleared so much in my past lives, 200 lifetimes we went back. My forgiveness was a white bright beautiful light she said.
    My question is, me and my TF communicate on watts app where you know if eachother have read the msg. He hasn’t responded since 22 December but he is reading my brief messages. I just send me singing to him and jokes, very brief and I don’t expect responses. As much as I feel connected to his soul and I go to bed every night now feeling it’s with him.
    Do you think it’s good to send messages to trigger his ego or to just let go of all 3D communication? Or just follow my instinct?
    Thanks so much

    Jen x


  4. Hi Jen!

    This is so beautiful, the healing you have experienced!

    Personally, we would not focus on any 3D communications. The Twin Flame experience is constantly tested, and yes, sabotaged by the ego and 3D thinking. We had to overcome this so many times—to a ludicrous degree—and were constantly reminded to live from the voice of our soul.

    So just as your intuition is telling you, you have to override all 3D drama and fears, and just know what you know in your heart of hearts. That is how you move forward.

    We are sending you so much support and infinite Love,



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