2018: Twin Flames… Ascension… it’s all getting personal!

I for one am happy to see the end of 2017. It has been a tumultuous year for humanity – a year of intense growth as we have delved ever deeper into the darkest recesses of our beings – just when we thought we must already be near the bottom! Undoubtedly, we have been clearing the last vestiges of unconsciousness that hold us back from embracing our light.

I do not wish to sound like I am ungrateful for the experience; I am thankful for the ever-increasing awareness that becomes obvious. And the lesson is clear—never has the need been greater for self-mastery; if one desires for humanity to ascend, then one must make it happen personally. Yes, it’s personal.

If we react negatively, we are playing into the hands of negative forces that would have us sink into a mire of condemnation and anger, locking us into the downward spiral. More and more of us are recognizing that we must master our powerful emotions by choosing Love over fear. This is becoming increasingly self-evident.

Never has the need been greater for each of us to wake up and recognize that we must raise our level of consciousness so that we make the necessary evolutionary leap. As world events spiral towards increasing extremity and division, we are being invited to choose the higher path so that we are co-creators of the new reality.

It is clear that 2018 is going to be the year where we see a major shift—it feels like the world is having a nervous breakdown! For me personally, things have gotten so acutely terrifying that I am being forced to make the highest possible choice, and I am certain that many of you are feeling the same pressure. I have never before seen so clearly that if I choose to react to and condemn world events, I will create misery both inwardly and outwardly. I can also see that if I remain in as neutral a place as I can, there is an immense—actually infinite, reservoir of Love and Light available to me. This propels me out of reactivity and judgement, upwards towards a state of being where I lovingly laugh at the madness of the world as I would the ridiculous antics of a young child.

In my personal world, I have come to a momentous decision that induces a kind of anxious joy. This past year, everything from politics to the weather became increasingly chaotic, and so did my business life. I was forced to make that perennial choice: fear or Love? Would I continue to strangle my integrity by attempting to maintain an illusory veil of security—all by giving my energy to an organization that I would not do business with myself? Or would I find a higher path in serving others?

Suzanne and I have been quiet on TwinFlameHelp for a while, as we have both been working hard to run our earthly lives. Now, we have decided that we must, as harmoniously united Twin Flames (hallelujah!) rededicate our lives to service.

The word service has become sullied by man’s enslavement of his own kind (I say ‘man’ in this instance deliberately, for seldom have women consciously enslaved others) but I do not wish to energize that notion of service. The idea of ‘service to others’ reminds me of a sense of compassion and the transcending of ego; it is this I choose to focus on.

I intend for my service to take the form of sharing the multifarious lessons I have learned on my path that ultimately led me to a tranquil and achingly beautiful place—my Twin Flame relationship with Suzanne—in the midst of an increasingly chaotic world. I will be sharing all that I can from the male perspective. I will be working on a book for you and producing a series of teachings to inspire and elevate.

Watch this space!

Infinite Love,