Suzanne’s New Book!

Hello, beautiful soul. I have written an exciting new book to help you thrive completely in your life! It’s called, Love is Free; Free yourself from Conditional Love, and I am thrilled to have it ready for you.

I poured my heart into this eBook, and it is intended for everyone. It explains how all of us, not only awakened Twin Flames, can flourish like we’ve always wanted to. This is a personal process that I specifically detail for you, page after heart-opening page. You see, you can know total joy and fulfillment every day, regardless of whether you are united with your Twin Flame.

What’s the secret? How do you thrive at last? By living in total, unconditional love.

In my new eBook, I explain what unconditional love really means and how you can embrace it on every level. I describe how you have been kept from doing this in the past, and how to never let that happen again. I walk you through the most liberating process that delivers total bliss. The truth is that there is so much joy waiting for you to experience every day. All that it takes is unconditional love.

Are you ready to completely thrive in your life?

Take my hand, and I’ll show you how.


To learn more about Love is Free, click on my author website:

2 thoughts on “Suzanne’s New Book!

  1. Thank you Suzanne ,I really appreciate you on this most mis understood matter on a twin flame . I look forward to truly understanding every aspect of this experience that seems to continually grow stronger with every passing day .


  2. We are with you! Thank you for being here.

    What an accelerated experience the Twin Flame relationship is! It holds great meaning, ultimate healing, and the inevitable freedom of total joy.

    Keep going. The trick is to live in unconditional 5d rather than conditional 3d. Twin Flame relationships make no sense in 3d but are sublime and magical in 5. You are being prepared perfectly for this transition, otherwise known as Ascension.

    All-Accepting Love, fellow Twin Flame ~S&S


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