The Arena of Ascension

We are living during extraordinary times. Right now, each of us is being asked to shed our human conditioning, purge our pain, and flourish how we were always meant to. We are remembering our true selves again and enacting our fullest potential on earth. Welcome to the arena of Ascension.

Something that is assisting our Ascension is the “Twin Flame” experience. Because when people find the ultimate unconditional relationship, they are shown everything in themselves that wants to heal. They are pushed to become who they have always longed to be in human form.

If you are in a Twin Flame relationship of your own, then you know just how tumultuous things can get. We are here to explain what is going on and to help you through your experience. We want you to know that you are not alone, and we understand just how hard the challenges are. But there is awe-inspiring purpose behind your agony and ecstasy – your initiation into heaven on earth.

Know that you are so incredibly brave to be going through your experience, and that you are so incredibly blessed. You will know more bliss than you can imagine if you keep following your heart, instead of your ego, through your relationship. You will see your dreams come true one by one and sit in delicious disbelief.

Know that when you succeed with your Twin Flame reunion, you help not only yourselves, but all of humanity. You can do this, beloved soul, and now is the time.